Isnin, 10 Disember 2012

its about time~


the time has come
which i'm the one who is going
to the other place
continuing my way of journey
nothing can be cry for
even to be sad for
there is no need of saying good bye
cuz i know i'll just remain on your heart
i wish that it is not true
but since u're saying
i feel some type heavily feelings
 which cant be denied
sometimes i'm asking that
will it be the end was like this?
i hope that i'll face the way through with you
together finishing what we've done early
from the first we've met
i never think that it ends like this

same goes to me
i hope that i could beg some apologize from you
there is too many thing i've done wrong
what ever the thing i've said early before
that make some hurt inside your heart
which still be a scratch in time
i'm sorry..
the time that you need me
i'm not by your side
the time you say truth
i'm not believe in
the time you have tears
i cant lend my shoulder
i'm really sorry...

i'm just step out from the place
without informing
without any notice
without last word
without even seeing
i'm very sorry
i dont have enough strength to face that
i'll cause the tear will dropping..
then i just didnt want to see you saying good bye
cuz the really is i'm the one who will say it

really tough day huh???hmm
may ALLAH give HIS bless
rabbi yassir wal tu'assir
hasbiALLAH wa nikmal wakeel..


i just want to finish my time those left with someone, i have delayed my transit just because of that some one, everything was because of that some one..i hope you will be strong face all those thing that will shown up.. yah~ i dont think that this was the right way..huh..nevermind...the time was just on the corner...this day on 2130H i will be on transit to iznILLAH...rabbi yassir wala tu'asssir~

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